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raidcom get command_status

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Nov 27, 2012
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Originally posted by: kirkland

I've been using raidcom mostly for creating ldev's, especially cow's which are a real pain (in my mind) to deal with in Storage navigator - especially if you need a lot of them.
I've noticed once I started to attempt some error checking that the "raidcom get command_status" appears to serve no purpose. So far I always get something like:
HANDLE   SSB1     SSB2     ERR_CNT          Serial#      Description
00c3                 -             -            0                              66620      -
even if the command fails.  I admit I've not attempted a wide range of provisioning/configuring commands but I found this a bit puzzling - especially after reading the page about synchronous and asynchronous command processing.
I have noticed that check $? (ksh shell script) does give me a non-zero result on failed commands.
Is there any purpose in checking raidcom get command_status ? If so , what do I look for? My first guess was to parse outhe ERR_CNT field which was a bust.