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Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 8, 2013
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Originally posted by: Jeff Maaks (HDS)


First to introduce myself, my name is Jeff Maaks and I manage the Communities & Collaboration team at Hitachi Data Systems.  One of my responsibilities is the new Hitachi Data Systems Community (that Donna mentioned her in posting, "[url="http://forums.hds.com/index.php?/topic/1481-an-introduction-and-an-invitation/"]An Introduction and an Invitation[/url]").  I have been at HDS since 1999 in a number of different roles and am based near St. Louis, MO.

As part of designing our new community, we'd like to structure the site to be useful and intuitive for our users (especially including all of you in this forum!).  The challenge is finding that sweet spot for the taxonomy between one big "bucket" (like we have here with Storage Discussion) and an overly-granular site with too many choices in which to look/post.  In addition, using a naming convention that makes sense to our users (not just what is the "HDS view") is important to us as well.

With that said, we'd love to hear your views on how we should structure the new community.  Some thoughts:[list=1]
[*]Should we organize the site by products / solutions?  If so, should we use the same structure as on [url="http://www.hds.com"]http://www.hds.com[/url] or another approach?
[*]Should we use a process-oriented view?  For example, Replication, Backup, Tuning/Performance, Storage Administration, etc.?
[*]Should we do something completely different?  If so, what?