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Data not visible on VSP LUNs after remapping

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 6, 2013
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Originally posted by: RaKu

Hi Friends,

Today I have done an activity of moving 2 LDEVs from one windows server to another windows server as a part of data migration from one server to another. While unmapping LDEVs from first server by mistake I forgot to unassign the Drive letters.

I mapped the same LDEVs to new windows server & assigned the Drive letters by server team. But the application team was not able to visible the data which contains in the LDEVs. It was showing as a free drives.

Then application team informed that the unmapped drives are still visible in first server. Then I suggested them to reboot the server to reconfigure the system. After reboot the drives disappeared.

To verify the data on the LDEVs , I remapped them to first server & assigned the drive letters as same as old.Still data is not visible. What could be the reason?????? Can anyone explain

NB: From storage side I can see the consumed space in these LDEVs ( both LDEVs are V-VOLs)