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VSP Architecture question - Control memory & UVM

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 17, 2013
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Originally posted by: angara

Greetings !

Need your help in understanding , I have two questions on Architecture of VSP , specifications rather

1. I read  VSP can go upto 48GB of Control Memory from Installed DCA at full capacity and If 8 x VSD upto 32GB ( 4GB on each VSD) local memory.
     Also I read Control Memory is global copy of local memory from VSD, so does that mean Technically we are limited to 32GB (construct from VSD) and if 48 GB is upper limit , what is that additional 16GB handling of ?
Am I missing something that is only held in CM and not on VSD , so what is that control data

2. How deep can controller based virtualisation can go ?
     As an example, I have clariion virtualised behind USP and now moving to USP-V with UVM, here comes VSP and now Externalise again to VSP ?
In real time no one would accept so deep links, given the performance impact, but there might be interim cases of migration situation and for a short term needed that.
I couldn't find anywhere in UVM user guide or how it is  handled a Virtualisation upon Virtualisation situation , atleast until data is moved from far leaf ?