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New raid group creation

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 24, 2013
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Originally posted by: Bhanu


I have Hitachi AMS 2100 Storage with 7 hard drives. From that 5 hard drives are shows Normal status, one hard drive shows Mounted status and remaining one shows Standby status in Storage Navigator software. There is one raid group created by default with 5 hard disk.

I want to create 2046 luns on AMS 2100 storage, but there is limitation on Raid group where I can create 1024 Luns on one Raid group. So that I tried to create one new Raid group but I could not create because of unavailability of hard disk.

Will you please help me to create New raid group?
My aim is to create 2048 Luns on AMS 2100 Storage.
If I delete previous Raid group and recreate with 3 or 4 hard drives then there will be any bad impact on Stoarge?  because I don’t know where exactly storage operating system has installed. I am New in storage field.