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CCI issue in AIX

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by Robert Trujillo

Originally posted by: Kamalarajan


I'm trying to setup CCI in AIX (SI-COW) and struck up in some issue.

Created a command device of 50 MB and enabled the (command) attribute in VSP

Installed CCI in the default location
# raidqry -h
Model  : RAID-Manager/AIX
Ver&Rev: 01-29-03/05

1. Created 2 instances of the horcm files
a. horcm0.conf

2. Started the configuration instances using ./horcmstart.sh 0 1

3. Executed the following commands
#pairdisplay -ISI0 -g ECMP01_DATAS00 -fxec -CLI
#pairdisplay -ISI0 -g ECMP01_DATAS01 -fxec -CLI
#pairdisplay -ISI0 -g ECMP01_DATAS02 -fxec -CLI

It throws error messages as follows:-
# pairdisplay -ISI0 -g ECMP01_DATAS00 -fxc -CLI
pairdisplay: [EX_ATTHOR] Can't be attached to HORC manager
Refer to the command log(/HORCM/log0/horcc_ecmup07a.log) for details.

4. I checked the process is running in the host
# ps -ef|grep horcm
    root 22610150 34472006   0 15:19:03  pts/1  0:00 grep horcm
    root 26804378         1   0 14:21:35       -  0:00 horcmd_01
    root 50135234         1   0 13:24:00       -  0:00 horcmd_00

Any help for resolving the issue. And why is it showing as child ID=1 when the process is running.