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Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Mar 25, 2013
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Originally posted by: LYC


Our storage was OEM from SUN but has since converted to HDS some years back but the S/N is not accepted by port.hds.com with the following message?

This product model/serial number could not be found or is registered to another company. Please check your product model and serial number and try again. If your serial number is correct, please try to register with another HDS product. If this is the only product you can register, please contact GCC.Email.Requests@hds.com or HDSservicerequests@hds.com in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Alternately, call our HDS support desk at (US) +1 (800) 446-0744 or (International) +1 (858) 547-4526.

Any pointer to rectify is appreciated.