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VMWare 5 with USP-VM  and ATS + TrueCopy Problems

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Mar 26, 2013
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We are running a 4 node VMware Cluster attached to an USP-VM.
There are certain volumes which are more critical ( those are mirrored to another USP-VM).

For the locking mechanism the ATS ( Atomic Test and Set  ) was selected.
This seems to be working pretty well except for the volumes which are mirrored with TrueCopy.

I did not found any information about whether there is a support for VAAI on an USP-VM.

First we had enabled Host Group Mode 21 (Vmware Extension)
Now we changed to 01[Vmware] with Host Mode Option 40 (V-Vol Expansion) and 54 (XCopy ) enabled, but this didn`t change a thing.

For the setting of the SOM Mode (808) I did not found any information in the documentation. Neither I know if the SOM mode 808 would have any side effects on the other hosts and volumes.

Did someone observe an identical behavior with the combination of USP-VM, TrueCopy and Vmware or more practical what ware the best/recommended settings for this configuration?