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Managing HNAS shares from Computer Management

Question asked by Legacy HDS Forums on Apr 16, 2013
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Originally posted by: markey164

Hi All,

We have an HNAS 3080 with a bunch of CIFS shares, which is connected to our Active Directory domain.

When i want to create and manage those shares, i have always done so via the computer management tool on my Windows Server 2003 box. This has always worked really well, and is quick and easy to use.

However, I have since replaced my Windows Server 2003 box with Windows Server 2008 R2, and now when i try and connect to the HNAS from the computer management tool, it fails with the error that the remote system isn't running WinRM (Windows Remote Management Service). Well, that would be correct because the remote system is an HNAS, not a Windows box, but is there any way i can work around this?

I now have to resort to the SMU interface to configure the shares, and i don't find it intuitive at all.

Any ideas?