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HUR intial replication issue from one site to other..

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by Balasubramani Ramamurthy

Originally posted by: rsudini


HUR initial pairresync from one site to other site is taking h*** lot of time...

Number of data volumes 83 (total data volume size 4429GB) Journal Group size ( 1900GB), CLPR for journal group volumes on primary side 188GB
Journal group Bandwidth 256MBPS , number of concurrent copy sessions 16
2*FCIP*2GE ports ( FCIP S/w 7500E, B/W per GE 70MBps) on prod vice versa on DR
All FC ports connected to DCX, and IFL to 2 FCIP Switches ( total 4 IFL 2 per switch from cluster DCX )

performed intial pairsync 96 Hrs ago , only first 16 devices (~1.2TB data volumes) are going through intial sync and they are still below 50%.. we have another 67 devices ( over 3.2TB) to be completed and we have anotherset of copygroups  which need to go through intial copy.....client have DR plans in next 2 weeks we need to have fix this HUR ithing ASAP ....

Any assistance on this is appreciated ... thanks for your assistance !!