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Problem on disk replacement - Hitachi AMS 2100

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on May 13, 2013
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Originally posted by: giampaolo

Hi all,

we have a problem with a disk in a tray of the SAN.
We bought a new disk, not the original HDU (code DKS2G-K300SS) but only the disk (code ST3300657SS) for the replacement but doesn't work.
The SNM recognize the disk reading the information on the controller but refuses to use it and the status remains on "detached".
We try to exchange the controllers on the disks, again the software reads correct information but still refuse to use it.
Is there a possibility to use the new disk in the SAN without necessarily buy the original hitachi drawer since it costs an exaggeration?

Thanks at all and best regards.

EDIT: here the logs and a screenshot:

No Object
05/13/2013 15:25:06 00 W09AZZ HDU alarm(Unit-01,HDU-12,Type-Unknown) :HDU /STRC 
05/13/2013 15:25:06 00 I30500 HDU read capacity failed(Unit-01,HDU-12)