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HDLM 7.4 - Issue with Path going Offline for COW LDEV's - Resolved

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on May 9, 2013

Originally posted by: Kamalarajan

Following is the scenario what I faced:-

Following are the existing Setup and was working fine.

VIOS version 2.1.1

HDLM version - 6.4

After upgrade:-

VIOS version 2.2.2

HDLM version 7.4

When this upgrade happenned the problem started to occur.

In this setup the shadow Image LDEV's will be mounted to a backup server(LPAR) through VIOS for backup in tapes, until the upgrade there is no issue in presenting the COW LDEV's to the LPAR from VIOS (The COW LDEV's will be presented to the VIOS and then to the LPAR and the pairs will be created.

After the HDLM version upgrade there is issue in presenting/mapping the COW LDEV's to the LPAR from VIOS, it shows an error "Cannot access device". After some troubleshooting I came to know there is some changes from the older version of HDLM, and tried to create the pairs of the COW LDEV's with the Shadow Image LDEV's from the primary server (Till this stage the COW LDEV's are not presented to the LPAR), and surprisingly it worked.

After creating the pairs, i suspended the pairs and mapped the COW LDEV's to the respective LPAR without any issue.

Happy Ending :).

Just thought of sharing this here as it might be useful for some one who come across this kind of issues.