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Mainframe FlashCopy V2 On HDS VSP (FCIncremental)

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jun 3, 2013
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Originally posted by: PeterJGray


Is anyone running a reasonably large Mainframe VSP environment using both FlashCopy V2 and TrueCopy sync?

Our current configuration is a pair of USP-Vs approximately 50km apart in a synchronous replication state.

In addition to being synchronously replicated these same LDEVs are also in a consistent FlashCopy incremental state.

The portion of the workload that I am particularly interested in moving to VSPs is made up of just short of 500 x Mod 54 Volumes plus obviously the same number of TrueCopy sync volumes and FlashCopy volumes.

This a very response time critical DB2 workload so we would like to be very comfortable before we commence moving to the VSPs.

Does anyone have a workload anything like this running on a VSP?

If you do, have you observed any host response time issues during FlashCopy processing?

Have you observed any stress on the MPs during FlashCopy internal COPY operations?

I am just a little concerned that the shared MP setup in the VSPs may result in host response degradation during the COPY phase of our daily FCIncremental processing-

Even if your workload is smaller, but similarly configured, I would be interested in your experiences.

Thank you