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Which Implementer certification route?

Question asked by Nick Howard Employee on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2013 by Nick Howard

Hi there

I'm an ISP working for Hitachi and over the last two years I've attended the Foundations, AMS2000 install & config, HUS differences, and the VSP install & config courses. I hadn't taken any of the exams but I've now recently been given the opportunity to do so. I gained the Storage Foundation cert last month and I'm actually taking the Modular Implementer exam tomorrow. I also plan to follow this up with the Enterprise cert pretty soon after, but which route should I look at then?

As an ISP engineer I'm not currently working on the Compute, HNAS or HCP equipment but I'm still interested and would like to gain these certs anyway as I've been given the vouchers to do so. I'm just wondering, would self study at home (but without the hands on experience) be enough to give me an understanding of the products and still enable me to gain the certifications? And would the HUS-VM cert still be worth taking if I already had the VSP enterprise equivalent?

I'd love to do the HNAS and especially the HCP one, I'm hoping some of you good people can give me some advice and maybe point me in the best direction to go down.

Thanks in advance.