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HNAS - Locked files?

Question asked by Tony Forrest on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2013 by Tony Forrest



We have a HNAS 3090 gen 2 with a VSP back-end serving mostly CIFS data to approx 2000 users.

The HNAS is running firmware 10.2.3072.06.


Every so often we get complaints from individuals who can't save their work (eg MS Word) due to their file being locked.

In the past we would connect to the HNAS from a Windows 2003 Server using "Computer management / System Tools / Shared Folders / Open Files" then manually unlock the problematic file.


However the last time we did this it caused the HNAS node to crash! We have been advised by HDS Support not to use this method of unlocking files. They advised that we should upgrade the firmware to Angel-2 11.1.3225.02 code.


We cannot change the firmware code at present and I was wondering whether other customers experience the same issue and how they resolve these locked files?