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Twitter users - your most famous "celebrity" interaction/reply?

Discussion created by Chris Perez Employee on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2013 by Thomas Thurman

With the popularity of Twitter, folks have no doubt replied to some 'famous-ish' people and may have gotten responses. Which famous people have replied to you directly (or retweeted you)? Curious to see who actually replies to users.


For me, maybe only one counts as "famous":

  1. Spike Lee (talking trash about his Knicks and Kobe Bryant).
  2. Krystal Campbell (from the TV show "American Hoggers") - twice she has replied, to my delight!
  3. Matt Mira (from the TV show "Attack of the Show" at the time, but is now on "The Nerdist").
  4. Digital Underground (the 90s' hop-hop band) retweeted me.
  5. The actress from the B-movie "Sushi Girl", but I actually know her, so that may not count.


Sadly, that's it.


Any other celeb interactions on Twitter? Surely most can beat mine so far.