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HSSM Custome Reports

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Oct 14, 2010
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Originally posted by: PeterNZ


Could someone with experience in importing custom reports into HSSM (Vinod ;-) ) please help me by filling in a few gaps in the HDS documentation.

I have JReport installed and operational.

From HSSM - with reference to

HSSM User Guide
-> "Creating Custom Reports"
- - > "Managing Custom Reports (Importing and Deleting)"
- - > "Integrating Custom Reports"

Q1. What is the functional difference Of Importing v Integrating? Are they just 2 methods of doing the same thing ?

Q2. re Importing
Step 1 = "Package the report definition, report template, and database into a zip file"

Q. What exactly does this mean?
- I presume "report definition" and "report templates" refer to the  *.cat (Catalog file) and *.cls (report sets) - is this correct ?
- I do not understand why I have to include a database ?
- any directy tree considerations ?