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Issue with Host Storage Domain / Brocade 300 switches

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Originally posted by: s.kirch

Hi all,

I have been setuping up two new Brocade switches in our actual environment (We have a Hitachi USP VM).  As a new comer in the SAN world, I would need your knowledge and experience to shed some light on this situation.

I have hooked up each Brocade 300 to our Hitachi USP VM with two uplinks (one on each controller for some harware redundancy).  I have a bounch of ESX servers to connect to those new Brocades and each server would have it's own lun that should not be seen by the other servers (each server will be in a seperate zone).  I have also created an alias that includes both uplinks to the Hitachi as members of that alias (I have used Hitachi's interfaces WWN).  Each zone have the server's HBA WWN as a member and the alias (which includes both uplinks to the Hitachi). So there are 3 members per zone.

At the moment, I have two test servers and they both see the two luns I have created. The luns are pointing to the Brocades' uplinks : the 4 interfaces of the USP VM. Those 4 interfaces are set to :
Connection : P-to-P
Fabric : enable
The interface's host group is set to 0C[Windows]. I believe this is not right but I can't find Hitachi's USP VM configuration guide...

Each server should ONLY see the LUN created for it and no other one.  I was told that I need to create for each server its own host storage domain on my UPS VM. I have been looking how to create host storage domains but I have not find how. Could anyone help me out with this?

I was also told that once the host storage domain is created, I need to add the LUN(s) to that host storage domain. Is that correct? If so, could you walk me throught in the Storage Navigator GUI.

I'm sure this will be obvious to you guys, but like stated earlier, I'm new to the storage world and I'm learning on the spot and hoping for some indications from you guys.

Thanks a bounch for all that help!