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Export tool - long time to retrieve data

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 29, 2011
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Originally posted by: przemolb


I am trying to get some performance data from USP VM using Export Tool. But when I try to use this commands:
group PhyPG                     ; Parity Groups
group PhyLDEV                   ; Logical Volumes
group PhyProc                   ; Micro-Processor usage
group PhyExG                    ; External Volume Group usage
group PhyExLDEV                 ; External Volume usage
group PhyCSW                    ; Access Paths and Write Pending
group PG                        ; Parity Group Statistics
group LDEV                      ; LDEV usage in PGs, External Volume Groups or V-VOL Groups
group Port                      ; Port usage
group PortWWN                   ; Stats for HBAs connected to ports.
group LU                        ; LDEV usage Summarised by LU Path
group PPCG                      ; SPM/PFC Group usage stats
group PPCGWWN                   ; Stats about HBAs belonging to SPM/PFC Groups
shortrange  -0001:              ; every 1 min.
;longrange -000015:             ; every 15 min
it takes about 30 minutes to get all the data (!).
I wonder how do you cope with gathering all the statistics ? Do you omit something ?
Is it possible to get 1-minute data ?