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USPV backup using Cow/Snapshot, any suggestions?

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on May 12, 2011
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Originally posted by: jayliu

Hi, We are using Netbackup as our backup software using media servers with a HDS USPV.

We are starting to see our network is becoming the bottleneck in our environment. 

My thought to get around the issue is to use snapshot and mount them to the media server to back them up directly on the media server.  But I am not sure exactly how to do that.

My thoughts are...

1. create snapshot volumes for the servers I want to backup , and assign them to the media server
2.  create horcm files on the media servers (with a Command Device)
3.  write some script to do
     a.  split the pairs
     b.  mount the pairs
     c.  start the backup
     d.  resync the pairs

my questions are
1.  on the USPV, do I mount all the CU:LDEVs to the media servers within the same host group assign to the media server?
2.  does Netbackup support the scripting to start backup via CLI?
3.  any best practice/sampel scripts?