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AddStorageArray try to collect perf. data?

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Mar 10, 2012
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Originally posted by: Samuel


we are using HCS (7.2) and Tuning Manager for our VSP systems. Additional we have some older US Systems. These older systems are running without a TuningManager licence.
Now, if we using command ..../AddStorageArray ...... these command try to collect perfomance datas from Tuning manager per default. But we dont have Agents for these old systems - refresh fails with "Unable to collect...."

I cant found a option for the CLI to disable collection of perf. datas by "AddStorageArray" - we use this command in some scripts because it works better than RefreshStorrageArrays.
Is there any option to eliminate performancedatacollection on "AddStorageArray" ?

Regards and Thx