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I was reading about disk IOPS and as per the info that I have:

RPM     Drive Type     IOPS
7200     SATA          80-90
10000     SATA          110-125
10000     FC/SAS          130-140
15000     FC/SAS          150-180

RAID Type     Penalty
0 --          1
10 --          2
5 --          4
6 --            6

Please let me know if these numbers are correct.
Also, the formula to calculate RAID IOPS = (Total IOPS*Read percentage)+ (Total IOPS*Write Percentage*RAID Penalty).

So if this formula is true and the above Disk IO numbers and RAID penalties are correct, then to support an application requiring 500 IOPS, with 50% read and 50% write, I would need a RAID 5 config of 1250 IOPS. If I use 15K FC/SAS drives I would need a config of 6D+1P.

I am not considering the Cache on the subsystem, but a generic IO calculation from RAID perspective. Please let me know if I am missing some information or I have some incorrect information.