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HDS Academy’s Success Story

Discussion created by Kumar Subramaniam Employee on Jun 21, 2013
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There are numerous story talks about HDS has been delivering successful training and certifications through Academy. I have attended academy training recently and that demonstrated the training academy’s commitment on your endeavor. The training delivered excellent hands on, knowledge base on subjects, instructors’ abilities to bring real practical cases, easy to follow course materials, and enhanced lab activities.


On top of everything, here is the story that was inspired beyond the aforesaid qualities:

As per the schedule, I have reached the training room on Monday at 9.00 AM, Santa Clara, CA. I have been communicated that there are two training instructors for that day, as supposed to be one instructor.  The first
instructor flown from Washington, DC, during his layover at Denver, he was told by the airline the connecting flight got cancelled at last minute, leaving him to wait until Monday noon to catch the next flight. He communicated to his colleague instantly in California, who was originally in a vacation, to take care of the training session until Monday noon. He did not stop there. He flew to Sacramento, CA and drove for more than 3 hours then reached Santa Clara, CA well ahead of the training schedule.


Academy and its instructors are well deserved for the appreciation.