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Question asked by Ron Lee Employee on Jul 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2013 by Nick Gable



  1. How do know if a HDS community user is HDS employee, partner, and customer easily?  Today, I have to look and read a user's profile to know if he is HDS employee or not.
  2. How can I post a document in discussion without creating the document in the portal first? 



  1. Is HDS Services & Support or PM have resources allocated to support HDS community?  I see a lot of open questions, and not a lot of answers.  This will not work and customer will lose interest if there are no one answering their questions. 
  2. Either I am doing something wrong or I can hardly find anything in the developer community.  I was not able to find the questions people posted other than search. 
  3. I see a large number of people sign up but not large number of people activity engaged and using it.  How can we get more people motivate and engaged in using this community?