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Can you set the CU number using "Storage Manager for vCenter" plugin?

Question asked by Ignacio Vidal on Jul 4, 2013
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We're using a CLPR partitioned design approach while implementing a new HUS-VM system.


So, for example, you could find CLPR#1 dedicated to one type of customer, and CLPR#2 to other different one.

And, besides that, we defined different DP-Pools on each CLPR (you could see: DP-Pool_1 using CLPR_1, etc).


We want to use that approach, and use one CU number assignment on one CLPR/DP-Pool, and a different CU number on other CLPR/DP-Pool.


I was having a look at Storage Manager for VMWare vCenter plugin (v., and I see that with the plugin, an ESXi administrator can solve several steps for creating a datastore (i.e., create the V-Dev on a specific DP-Pool, present it to a host group as a LU, create the datastore on it, etc...)


But I've seen that the process of creation for a LU using the plugin, always assigns consecutive LDEV numbers, beginning at CU = 00 (it is: 00:00:00, 00:00:01, ...)

And I could'nt find any option where you could force the LU creation on a specific Control Unit (CU) instead of CU="00".


Does anyone have a clue about this?

Thank you very much


Kind regards