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Thunder 9500 V Series

Question asked by Bhanudas Mali on Jul 21, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2013 by Kamalarajan S


I have Two Storages. Following are the configuration,

Vendor -: Hitachi
Model -: Thunder 9500 V Series
Controller –: 2
Hard Drive -: 7

Note -: Both storages have different Firmware.

Storages having 2 Controllers and each controller having 2 paths, but some days before one controller stopped working from both storages, so that now I can use only 2 paths from each storage because of one working controller.

Now both storages having one working Controller with 2 paths. Following is the controller firmware information.

Storage 1 (Working Controller) -: 065B/K
Storage 2 (Working Controller) -: 0659

We discussed with some vendors regarding AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for these storages but they denied. My aim is, I want at list one Storage with 4 paths.

So my questions are?

1. May I remove one working Controller from one Storage and put it in another storage as replacement of non working controller? So that I will have one storage with 2 working controllers and 4 paths.
2. If it is possible will you please guide me how I can do this setup?
3. Is there need to upgrade working controller firmware?