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HUS 110 individual product information.

Question asked by Bhanudas Mali on Jul 23, 2013



We are going to procure HUS 110 array. We got quotation from vendor, but we are not able to understand the need of every product for our project. Will you please let us know about need and information of below mentioned products? Please let us know about individually market cost also?



Line #ProductProduct DescriptionExt Qty
1HUS 110 Rack Mount System1
1.1043-100210-01.PPower Cable 250VAC 10A IEC320-C142
1.2043-100847-01.PHitachi Unified Storage Getting Started Guide1
1.3043-100854-03.PHUS110 Fibre Channel Option1
1.43282382-001.PDummy Drive for SFF (2U) Trays14
1.55548210-001.PDummy I/O Module-S2
1.6A34V-445-900-UNI33.PUniversal rail kit includes left and right rails1
1.7DF-F850-CTLXS.PHUS 110 Controller2
1.8HDF-F850-6HGSS.PHUS110 600GB SAS 10K RPM HDD SFF for CBSS/DBS-Base10
1.9HDF-F850-CMM4.PHUS110 4GB Cache Module2
1.10HDF850-CBSS-110.PHUS 110 Base Controller Box - SFF 2U x 241
1.11JFFB3737010MFCI.P50/125 LC/LC PLN 10M 2f round SB 10gig OM38
2HUS 110 Storage Software
2.1044-230163-01.PHUS 110 Base Operating System M Media Kit1
2.2044-230163-03.PHUS 110 Base Operating System M License1
2.3044-230164-01.PHUS 110 Base Operating System Security Extension Media Kit1
2.4044-230164-03.PHUS 110 Base Operating System Security Extension License1
2.5HUS110-SW-SPT.SHUS 110 Storage Software Support1
3Professional Service
3.1CUSTOM-PS.SCustom Professional Services1
3.2051-100023-01.PSVC Consolidation and Virtualization Custom1
4HDS Academy: Training
4.1TRAINING.STraining Code1
4.2HTU-0001.PSVC Training Units 1 to 104