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HDS Storage Foundation Exam - HH0-130 - Completed

Question asked by Sathish Kumar R on Aug 27, 2013
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I have completed my HDS Storage Foundation Examination on August 16, 2013 with 96% passing score, I didn't receive any link or details about my certification from HDS.


Thing about myself:-

I am sathish, i have 8yrs plus work experiance in storage technologies. I am working in a company, here we have Hitachi storage products and as per the company policy standard, i should complete HDS certification. So, i got internal training from my seniors and i appeared for this exam.


Can someone please help me out? I am sending some of my details below,


Candidate Name: SATHISH KUMAR R

Candidate ID: SR7935121

Site Number: IIIP2

Registration Number: XB4SYD5DCB

Date: August 16, 2013

Exam: HDS Storage Foundation

Series: 130

Grade: Pass

My Exam Score: 96%