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Part Numbers for DKU5051-18 Interface and Adapter Boards

Question asked by Brian Ebeling on Sep 17, 2013
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  I work for an electronics recycling company. As we are R2 certified refurbishing and reselling is a priority. We recently received a few DKU5051-18 cabinets. After we pulled all of the boards and power supplies, I began to realize MANY of the boards don't have a clear part number on them ( i.e. 5524222-C ). I see a few other numbers on the boards such as. WP513-P22, WP513-A22, etc. I have tried to find specs, and cross reference part numbers from these numbers, but am finding it very difficult. Is there a place I can look to find specs for these boards, or a way to find which numbers are actual part numbers? I would appreciate any help on this matter. Thank You in advance