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VSP Rack holding virtualized HUS

Question asked by Rahul Bhat on Sep 22, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by Rahul Bhat

Hi HDS Folks,

Recently I have had a discussion with my DC staff for the VSP install ( with virtualized HUS ) . Apparently the HUS and VSP racks are build into different racks and the DC mgmt team requires identical racks to be deployed ( some rules ,don't ask me why ) .  From technical perspective this is possible (as I was told by HDS) , So my question is , what needs to be done to get one type of rack delivered for both the HUS and VSP ?

One drawback I know of - It would not be possible to upgrade VSP with disks up to the maximum of 256 within the same rack ??

Any idea or suggestions here ?