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New Solution and Product Forums spaces

Discussion created by Jeff Maaks Employee on Oct 2, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2013 by Lilly Andree

As part of our continued evolution of the HDS Community, we are updating the Solution and Product Forums areas by making a few changes.  We've been listening to feedback from you, our users, as well as watching the the questions and discussions occurring in the Community.  Our goal is to not overly-complicate the structure with too many areas to choose from, but we want to ensure there is enough granularity to follow the topics of interest to you, and to ensure it's as obvious as possible where to post questions and discussions.


New spaces include:


Security and Privacy

Converged Systems

Object Storage Platform

Storage Systems


In addition, we're looking into removing the The specified item was not found. and The specified item was not found. spaces in favor of the more specific spaces above.


Lastly, we will be adding a number of vertical industry spaces very soon - stay tuned for more information.


What do you think of these changes?  Do names like "Object Storage Platform" resonate with you, or would another structure or name make more sense?