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HUS CCI snapshot Backup Time

Question asked by Guillermo Diez on Oct 3, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2013 by Guillermo Diez

Hi @ll,


after reading for a time CCI docs can´t get any answer for this question, how to obtain snapshot vol backup time. It's easy to know backup time from HSNM2, but for scripting needs anyone hnows if there is any CCI command that can show all local replication pair properties or at least backup time property?


I´m trying to keep last 5 Saturday night snaps, for this purpose 5 snapshot vols and local replication were created within HSNM2.

As Linux crontab file shows each Saturday night weeklysnaps script will run.

59 23 * * 6 root /HORCM/scripts/ should check Backup Time from each local replication pair, evaluate all them and determine which is the oldest pair and then  pairresync + paisplit this pair, but first pair backup time is needed.

... cowvol1 is the oldest then ...

Pairresync -ISIxx -g COW_group -d cowvol1

Pairwait -ISIxx -g COW_group -d cowvol1 -s pair -t 10

Pairsplit -ISIxx -g COW_group -d cowvol1


Any help will really be appreciated. Thanks in advance,