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Want to re-configure disk pools on HUS 150

Question asked by Herdip Kalare on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by Kamalarajan S

Hello fellow forum members,


We have a HUS150 which is configured with one large DP pool, which is made up of RAID6 (8D+2P) parity goups. We are experiencing performance issues with this array, and through investigation found that the configuration as is currently is not condsidered 'best practice' for SQL servers. It is suggested that data files and logs reside on differing DP pools, and questions whether RAID 6 is suitable.


As such we would like to re-configure the disk pool. My question is, we have been told previously by Hitach that in order to re-configure our one large DP pool, we would need to clear it in its entirety before we could re-configure the parity groups ? Is this correct ? Could we not decrease the DP pool by removing parity groups, re-configure them and place them in a new DP pool ?


Hoping the answer is yes.


Thanks in anticipation.