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SI can't mirror P-VOL to already used S-VOL with some data ?

Question asked by Rahul Bhat on Oct 30, 2013
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So what I am trying to do :

I got a LUN 00:01 which is my target for SI, and it is already using some 20GB from 100GB allocated ( No pairing and free to use ) , So I presume that when I start the SI between LUN 00:0A -> 00:01, all the data already on it would be wiped out and the new data of 10.4GB would be re-created as a mirror .


But When I start the SI, it comes out with finish/completed with no errors status but the LUN 00:01 is still not same as source.

So I unmap the 00:01 LUN, delete it and re-create with same name and blocks and all works well ..


Any idea why ?