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Over 2GB/s access to a FS

Question asked by Tim Verbist on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2013 by Tim Verbist

Hi guys,


I'm looking for some out of the box ideas:


I want to build a solution with HNAS that offers 4.5GB/s access to a filesystem. The HNAS4100 can do 2GB/s per node so a three node cluster would give me the required performance... but if I'm not mistaken, we can not strech a filesystem across three nodes so the file system would be housed on ONE node and the performance is limited to the performance of ONE node right?


Any ideas on how to deliver the required speeds the data?


I was thinking of perhaps sync replication from NAS1 to NAS2 and give read access to that data from the second node?


I also thought about doing sync replication on the underlaying SAN storage and presenting the LUN's from the replication target to NAS2... but would that work? Since HNAS creates an SD on a LUN... can we replicate on the SAN side and offer that directly as a filesystem to the NAS on the replication site?


Thanks for any input!