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pairdisplay -fcx shows copy status of 99 and PAIR state. Is this normal?

Question asked by James McGinnity on Dec 11, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2013 by James McGinnity

Hello, I'm new to HUR and I notice that several of my SI pairs appear to be in a PAIR state even though the % copied is still 99. At this point can I consider the pairs synchronized, or do I need to wait until % is 100 (it never seems to get there on some volumes though).


SI_prod host1_10F3_20F3 L   CL6-C-2 21     0 0  12345  10f3 P-VOL PAIR9920f3 -
SI_prod host1_10F3_20F3 R   CL6-C-1 21   22 0  12345  20f3 S-VOL PAIR9910f3 -
SI_prod host1_10F4_20F4 L   CL6-C-2 21     1 0  12345  10f4 P-VOL PAIR9920f4 -
SI_prod host1_10F4_20F4 R   CL6-C-1 21   23 0  12345  20f4 S-VOL PAIR9910f4 -


Also, If I  were to suspend Primary replication of the associated volume pairs, then wait a few minutes, would/should the copy status of the SI volumes increment to 100?


Thanks in advance for any help clearing this matter up!