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Need product manual for SSD Identifies as HITACHI NFH1A-P1R6SS for low-level SCSI programming.

Question asked by David Lethe on Jan 27, 2014
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I need to do some data sanitization work so need to get the CDBs to perform appropriate data sanitization on the SSDs used in this product.   As SSD vendors typically use proprietary cryptographic or SCSI ERASE type CDBs, it is important to do this correctly for compliance reasons.  I was able to find something that discussed using a FORMAT UNIT, but surely that isn't going to sanitize all that reserved area for housekeeping.


The SCSI inquiry says these disk  modules are HITACHI NFH1A-P1R6SS.   I've not had much luck cross-referencing these devices in the online documentation, as these use a proprietary footprint.  Can somebody direct me to the product manual?  I had no problems finding them for the UltraStor SD800M family, for example, so hoping there is an equivalent manual for this beast.