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Contextual Computing.  How is your exploration and innovation unfolding?

Question asked by Lauren Klein Employee on Jan 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2014 by Kamalarajan S

Any challenges or opportunities you would like to explore with us around your internal or external clients?  What are they learning is possible?


Our Global Accounts and System Integrators team appreciated this Rackspace video with host Robert Scoble on how Broadcom ushers in the age of the "personal cloud" - YouTube.  They discuss this notion of fragmentation, economics, innovation and ecosystems. (20 minute video)


Michael Hay - we would appreciate your perspective on "competing with innovation" as founder of the Innovation Center


Eric Hibbard - you may have insights into these crypto concepts Broadcom mentions.


Kamalarajan S, Vinod Subramaniam Cris Danci Dang Luong Paul Lewis Andrew Heading Nick Toozs-Hobson - we would welcome your insights here too.


Thanks,  Lauren