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Solaris10 ZFS and DP-Pool

Question asked by Melvin Wong on Jan 29, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2014 by Melvin Wong

Does anyone have experience in handling ZFS and DP-Pool? IS ZFS compatible with DP-Pool?

I am a HUS150 users. Having a few Solaris10 hosts attaching to the HUS150. Recently, i found a big capacity usage discrepancy reporting from Solaris10 and SNM2.  In my scnenario, DP-Pool is created with wide-striping on. And, i created a DP-Vol inside the DP-Pool.


For example:  Pool-A is created with 1 DP-Vols Vol01

Pool-A is created with 2 4+4 RAID-Groups have a total of 2TB. I then created Vol01 with 2TB presenting to the Solaris10 host.


For whatever reasons, from Solaris10 using ZFS, ,'zfs list -r' i see the Solaris host is using around 35% of the 2TB, while i see 68% being used in SNM2. And, i saw this kind in behavior in another Solaris10 host also.