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HNAS File Replication: Error opening NDMP connection to host

Question asked by tyrone owen on Feb 1, 2014
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I'm having problems with HNAS file based replication between two separate HNAS.


I'm seeing this is the report:


Received notify)connect (Connection established): version 4: Connected to HDS (formerly BlueArc) NDMP session 492

Failed on socket receive: 104 Connection reset by peer ERROR: /u/u60/_Eng_Axalon_SMU/OfficialBuilds/fish/angel/3319.06/main/tools/ndmputil/lib/com.c:1338 ndmp_Process_messages: detected eof

Error opening NDMP connection to host [SOURCE EVS IP ADDRESS], error:

Error: unknown error


I can ping the respective source and destination EVS from both source and destination HNAS


Can someone help please?