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Array Warning repair HDU (SMS 100)

Question asked by Jeffrey S on Feb 3, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by Jeffrey S

Hi all,


Since last week I noticed my Hitachi Simple Modular 100  (SMS) showed a warning (see below).


Only the website where I should order the repair part doesn't excist anymore.

I know the SMS 100 is EOL, but shouldn't it be possible to still order the repair parts?


Does someone know where I can order those? A retailer/reseller maybe?

I tried similar HDU: Hitachi 450 GB SAS disk, but unfortunatelly that doesn't work..


I'll also need 2 brackets covers for the HDU to insert into the repair slots.

Location: Netherlands




Repair HDU insertion is requested (1st time) 


Failure Code:WSC108

Alert Part:

Part:  HDU

Capacity:  450GB

Drive Type:  SAS

RPM:  ---


Recovery Procedures:


Step1: Order a repair (replacement) HDU.

To order a repair HDU part, please go to the support site.

Then input the following information.

Product Name:  

Product Serial No. of Array:  xxxxxx

Part Serial No.:  3QQ2ZX8E 

Failure Code:  WSC108 

Ordering Code:  46430C3F

Step2: Insert the repair HDU into repair slot 1.

After receiving an repair HDU, please insert the drive to repair slot 1 of the array according to the Quick Replacement Guide included in the repair drive.

Step3: Confirm the recovery.

After insertion, confirm the failure recovery at Alert screen (from the navigation tree). If there remains failure, please contact call center.