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VSP External Path Group Best Practice question

Question asked by Randy Spainhower on Feb 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by Randy Spainhower

I have 2 questions i relation to virtualizing our new HUS150's behind our VSP.

1. Is the best practice to have the external path group balance on seperate clusters on the same DKC (for instance ports 2A and 1A make external path group) or to have them balanced across DKC's and clusters (for instance ports 2A and 1J make external path group)? 
We have both configurations at the moment that is why I want best or recommended practice, my predecessor set our AMS2500's up with the first configuration (i.e. 1A/2A) and our Oracle 6780's with the later configuration (i.e. 2A/1J)

2. In the HUS Hardware installation guide it suggests changing 3 timer values if virtualizing a HUS behind the VSP (I/O TOV, Path Watch, and Server time-out). I can see where to set the first 2 but where do you set the Server time-out value? The suggestion is located on page 402 section 8-2 of the HUS Hardware Installation and Configuration Guide.

Also should we change these values on our AMS external paths too?  (it says the same thing in the AMS installation doc)


Thanks in advance