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Daily reporting with Tuning Manager and RRDtool

Question asked by Vinod Subramaniam Employee on Feb 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by jordan smith

Quite often there are situations where you may want a daily performance report emailed out from Tuning Manager.

You can modify the attached scripts to email daily reports on almost any metrics that is visible in Performance Reporter


1. Extract the attached file to /opt/HiCommand/TuningManager/PerformanceReporter/conf/


2. Ensure that the following reports are present in Performance Reporter

    [ Import the attached file "ScheduledReports" in Performance Reporter ]



3. Extract the scripts to any directory such as /usr/local/san


4. Modify to use the email program you prefer to email the generated pdf file.

    e.g echo "Daily Performance Report" | mailx -a "daily_report_"$timestamp".pdf" -s "Daily Report"


5. Modify any constants such as array serial number etc in the shell scripts and run ./


6. The generated report is attached as a pdf file. Generated RRDgraphs are below.