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HDS Snapshot solution

Question asked by Sontas Jiamsripong on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by Erwin van Londen

Hi all,


I have plan to use snapshot for Oracle Database backup instead backup solution from symantec.

I do poc for this solution but i face some issue about COW of HDS so i want to ask some question about COW following question.


Background solutions


i have schedule to do snap 2 times per day for 1 week, finally i have snapshot images 14 images per week.

When the loop end with 14th image it will overwrite at 1st image again. But i found some problem below.


- When i use pairsplit -S group to clear state to SMPL and re-create snapshot again i will take

  time about 60-90 sec. per each time. Do we have any solution to force it to take less time than now.


- i have to create SVOL with Shadow image for backup primary volume because v-vol always require

  primary volume to be exist so if the primary volume raid failed, i cannot restore from v-vol to primary volume.

  But i want to know if the P-vol failed and we create the raid and assign to the same ldev no and same port

  then we sync from S-VOL (shadow image) to New P-Vol. i want to know the V-Vol from the old p-vol can restore

back to new p-vol or not.???



If who have any solution to use COW with Oracle DB pls suggest.


Thanks in advance