Michael Ratner

Improvements in the Community

Discussion created by Michael Ratner Employee on Feb 25, 2014

I saw some cool new features today:

  • Labels for the community members
  • 3 new missions
  • Create content by email - vCards (in the profile)


First of all, I appreciate all the great work being done by the developers and maintainers of this community. It is constantly getting better - thank you.

A couple of questions and some feedback...

  • Looks like you can apply a label only to a member you follow - is that correct?
  • Steward badge has a typo in its name (both in the card and in the tooltip that comes up when you hover a mouse over the badge icon)
  • Researcher badge lacks description
  • I imported and tried using the vCards - it didn't work, probably for the same reason that you can't reply by email


Labeling feature is great - I'm already using it.


Thanks again,