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[vmware] unbalanced traffic to controllers

Question asked by Michael Yorke on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2014 by Michael Ratner

[I'm a newbie to all this so please go easy on me]




This might well be a question for the vmware forums, but I thought I would start here. We recently purchased a HUS110 for our small vm platform (3 x ESXi 5.1 hosts). Our 110 has the standard 2 x 1GB interfaces per controller.


Our storage is split across two volumes (vol1 & vol2), which are within a single DP Pool.


Within vSphere Client > Host > Performance > if I edit the chart to show real-time Disk performance, select objects 'Hus Controller 0' and 'Hus Controller 1' and select 'Commands Issued' in the counters section, my starts are...



Hus Controller 0, Average = 266

Hus Conrtoller 1, Average = 576



Hus Controller 0, Average = 508

Hus Conrtoller 1, Average = 2024



Hus Controller 0, Average = 2269

Hus Conrtoller 1, Average = 13


Host 3 seems the worst. These stats have remained consistent throughout the day. I checked the VM's running on Host3 and all have their virtual hard disks on vol1. 


Is this normal? How are the volumes linked to the controllers?