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Unable to discover HUS subsystem in Storage Navigator Modular 2 CLI

Question asked by Rahul Udayabhanu on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by Michael Ratner

Hi All,

I was trying to register two  HUS130 storage with Storage Navigator Modular 2.But I am getting message that the Subsystem was not discovered.Kindly help me to resolve this.


HUS130_1 ip --- 10.x.x.11 / 10.x.x.12

HUS130_2 ip --- 10.x.x.13 / 10.x.x.14


C:\Program Files\Storage Navigator Modular 2 CLI>auunitref    ==>Below are the already registered Storage subsystems

Name                                                             Group

  Type     Construction Connection Type Error Monitoring Communication Type IP Address/Host Name/Device Name

ams2500        AMS2500  Dual         TCP/IP(LAN)     Enable           Non-secure         10.x.x.160

ams2100        AMS2100  Dual         TCP/IP(LAN)     Enable           Non-secure         10.x.x.151



C:\Program Files\Storage Navigator Modular 2 CLI>auunitaddauto -ip 10.x.x.11 10.x.x.14  

Searching... 10.x.x.14                                Detected Count : 0

Subsystem was not discovered.

C:\Program Files\Storage Navigator Modular 2 CLI>


Tried for Automatic registering.But failed.(Syntax-- auunitaddauto -ip from_address to_address)