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Hitachi HUS-110 storage LU does not support fstrim. (FITRIM ioctl failed : operation not supported)

Question asked by Bhanudas Mali on Apr 2, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by Cris Danci



I have installed RHEL 6.2 on intel 64 bit server and I have migrated Hitachi HUS-110 storage LU’s from DP pool on server.


I used following command to mount storage scsi device.


# mount –v –t ext4 –o discard /dev/sdb1 /home/tmp


It has mounted successfully with discard option. But when I run below command it give error.


# fstrim –v /home/tmp


Error -: “fstrim: /home/tmp” FITRIM ioctl failed : operation not supported”


When I discussed with Red Hat support, the told me to checked whether disk support discard option or not using following command.


" cat /sys/block/sdb/queue/discard_max_bytes " . If its non-zero then yes.


But in our case it is 0. It means my LU does not support discard option.

I have created DP pool and my migrated LU is belongs to DP pool and I am using ext4 file system also.


Please any one can tell be what is issue?