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Getting error for file system created on HNAS 3090 box

Question asked by Jickriya Jamadar on Apr 2, 2014
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I am new baby for this forum and Hitachi NAS box also, We have HNAS box 3090. I have created one Test file System "Test-FS".

It was working fine earlier but all of sudden I am not able to mount the file system and while creating NFS share it is giving me below error,

Defaulting to file system "New-FS" because file system "Test-FS" is not a valid selection for this page.

Below are the  error message getting from logs,


File System: The last operation to file system (Test-FS) indicated a severe file system failure.

Inconsistency found whilst accessing object WfsHandle[objectNumber=91771,reuseCount=0,INVALID_CP_NUM,WFSAuxInfo[verifier='H'
this event happened once since reset on the MMB1.

File System ID #1040 (Test-FS) was marked as errored by OBJ due to OBJ inquiry #555 (0x22b): src=BLOCK_PROCESSOR, dst=BLOCK_OBJ_STORE,
command=OBJ_DELETE, object number=91771 (live fs), status=ERR_OBJ_DIRECT_ONODE_WRONG_CP_NUM_IN_HANDLE.


I like to know why this is happening is some activity triggers the error.


Note : File system is not a production file system, this is only test file system.