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HUS 150 Hang on Boot executing [INM]

Question asked by Roshan Dias on Apr 21, 2014
Latest reply on May 4, 2014 by Michael Ratner



We are in the process of VMware POC with HUS150 new storage for one of our customer. After some testing we have wiped-out all the data by performing Initial Microcode installation. After rebooting the system both controllers are hang in Booting.... state. HUS150CTR1.png

If I click on any of the components it gives the message Now Booting.

In the front PWR LED is on.

RDY LED is Off

Warning is blinking

ALM is on

In CTL 1 ALM LED is on.

In CTL 0 Warning Information we can see bellow message.

HH9W00 Default setup error was detected in array boot-up                                     :MANUAL/STRC

In CTL1 no messages.


Storage was in this state for last 6 hrs.


Any advice would be highly appreciated.




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